BPsychSc (Neuroscience)




Amarina is one of our caring Neurofeedback practitioners at Sydney Neurofeedback Centre.

From a young age, Amarina was encouraged and inspired by her parents passion for holistic medicine, health and wellness. As the daughter of an integrative doctor and psychotherapist it was only natural for Amarina to complete her degree in Psychological Science majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of New South Wales, alongside establishing her parents integrative medical practice in Mosman and continuing her work at Studio Chiro.

Inspired by her university exposure to the latest research in neuroplasticity, health psychology and all things brain health, Amarina has since undergone intensive training led by pioneering Neuroplastcian Dr Norman Doidge in Sydney; exploring the brain’s ability to heal and overcome mental and physical disorders.


Amarina later went on to attend the Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Conference in Melbourne to explore the importance of mind-body health as a major component of integrative and evidence-based patient care.

Amarina joined the Neurotherapy team shortly after completing her practitioner training with expert Neuroscientist Dr Nicholas Dogris PhD in 2016; achieving her professional training in Neurofeedback and full proficiency in Neurofield, qEEG and Neuroguide technologies used at Studio Chiro.

Amarina is passionate about working with children and has a keen interest in teaching children tools for healthy self-regulation in order to help kids manage their own emotions, feelings, behaviour and energy, and ultimately build valuable skills for independence in every day life.

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