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B. Nursing
Grad Cert Mental Health


Tell us a little about you?

Tim Lucas has been a practising nurse for over 6 years and has worked at Studio Chiro since it first opened 3 years ago.

Tim received his undergraduate degree from the University of Tasmania at St. Vincent’s, where he started as a wards man. He later moved his way up to become the Nursing Unit Manager of the acute mental health ward. Tim later went on to complete his post graduate studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, completely a Graduate Certificate of Mental Health Nursing.

Looking for a new challenge, Tim undertook the role of manager of three wards at Wesley Hospital, Ashfield, specialising in Mental Health, Addictions and Recovery and Eating Disorders. He led the hospital to become financial for the first time in several years and grew all programs in both numbers and reputation.

Tim and Rebecca later went on to complete a 10 day intensive course in Neurofeedback in the states.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, otherwise known as EEG, is the direct training of brain function. Through immediate biofeedback, the brain can engage in self-regulation and learn to function more effectively. This is a gradual learning process based on the electrical activity of the brain that rewards certain brainwaves when they fall into desired patterns. Over time the brain learns particular target behaviours through voluntary changes, and this has been shown greatly improve overall cognitive performance. 

Message from Tim:
Hi my name is Tim Lucas and have been a familiar face at studio Chiro since it first began.

I have always enjoyed working with adults and children, especially those who need support and guidance through times of hardship.  I became interested in Neurofeedback many years ago. After visiting the USA, I wanted to be a part of introducing it to the clinic and demonstrate the significant benefits that come from treatments.

Through school I found it hard to deal with my own learning disability, dyslexia, and wanted to help other individuals with their own learning disabilities, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and addiction.

To this day, I find Neurofeedback very rewarding and I love to see people working through their disabilities and exceeding beyond their own limitations.

I also do QEEG “Brain scans” which is a new diagnostic tool to identify learning disabilities, mental illnesses and other neurological imbalances.

I look forward to helping as many people in the community as possible, from young children all the way through to adulthood!

If you would like to email Tim with any questions you may do so using the contact form to the right or you can find all of our contact details here.

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